Audrey Hepburn: A Tribute to her Humanitarian Work
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The main purpose of Audrey's trip to Vietnam in October 1990 was to get the government behind the UNICEF-supported immunization and water programs.

UNICEF's Jack Glattbach briefed her on Vietnam's unique "structural adjustment" policies and asked if she would emphasize that in the documentary they were shooting. "Oh, that's too complicated for me," she replied. '"eally, if I don't understand it, I can't speak it." Glattbach said fine, never mind. But soon after, he recalls, "watched by a few hundred Vietnamese villagers and with absolutely no 'fluffs,' she spoke four minutes to camera and covered every point from the discussion she 'didn't understand.' It was one of the best summaries I ever heard. It got seven minutes on ABC prime-time news and incredible TV pickup around the world."

While in Vietnam, Audrey also met with General Vo Nguyan Giap, Vietnam's deputy prime minister and great war hero.

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