Audrey Hepburn: A Tribute to her Humanitarian Work
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In April 1989, Audrey and Wolders arrived in Sudan to watch the start of a miraculous UNICEF-sponsored relief effort called "Operation Lifeline." Its goal was to ferry food to southern Sudan, which was cut off from all aid because of the civil war. Audrey visited many refugee camps throughout southern Sudan. She watched food bags being loaded and distributed and presented Sudanese representatives with gifts of medicine.

At a remote Sudanese refugee camp, Audrey saw a 14-year old boy lying on a dirt floor with acute anemia, respiratory problems and edema, due to malnutrition. Audrey later said, "That was exactly the same way I finished the war - at that age, with those three things. I thought, how strange to hear those same three things. But it was also a moment of glory for me, because just then a big UNICEF truck came by full of food and medicine."

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