Audrey Hepburn: A Tribute to her Humanitarian Work
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"There is a science of war, but how strange that there isn't a science of peace. There are colleges of war, why can't we study peace?"

"She dealt with only what she was doing. Audrey had no color, no race. She went to Bangladesh at a time when the main crisis was over, but it was still an ongoing thing 'I want people to be reminded,' she said. Today we forget what happened yesterday with all the satellite technology. Today you are here, tomorrow you are there, the next day, somewhere else. How soon people forget the previous tragedy. But she never did."

John Isaac, UN Photographer

"There's this curious-embarrassment or timidity that comes over one when you walk into a feeding center like that. I feel I shouldn't be there. I should leave them alone. It's like walking into somebody's room who is dying, and only the family should be there. [You long] to pick up one of those children and give it some kind of warmth…. They're so frail that I worry I am going to break their little body and-and it's unbearable. It just is so totally unacceptable to see small children die in front of your eyes."


"Audrey was walking around the refugee camps, reaching out to people. Emaciated babies, flies on their eyes. She's picking them up, kissing them, without knowing what diseases they might have. I said to Rob 'It looks like Audrey didn't care what was the matter with them. She had no thought for herself.' Rob said, 'Well, you'd be the same.' A chill went through me. I thought, 'I don't think so.' But that's how he was-and that's how she was, too."

-Jill Rembar (watching video footage of Audrey in Ethiopia)

"It's hard to be too late, to see a child that already has polio. It shouldn't happen anymore [nor should] a child be a victim of war. That's why we have to get on with it. It is a question of time for so many children. They don't have time to wait.