Audrey Hepburn: A Tribute to her Humanitarian Work
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"One of the natural assets Audrey brought to her work was language. She spoke French, Italian, German, and some Spanish, and, of course, Dutch. When a TV spot was needed urgently to support some UNICEF activity, she could deliver it instantly in any of the main languages. We hadn't far to send for her. She lived just down the road, so to speak."
-Christa Roth

"During the war I had bronchitis and [my mother] said, 'Oh, I wish I could get you some orange juice… I wish I could get some milk… I wish I could get you eggs.' And I thought, very nice, she wants to spoil me a bit. But today I see what it must have been like to go to bed at night not knowing how you are going to feed your children the next day."


"I said something about 'sacrificing her time' and she jumped at me. 'It's not a sacrifice. Because a sacrifice means you give up something you want for something you don't want. This is no sacrifice: it's a gift I'm receiving.'"

-Lynn Barber

"I wasn't cut out for this job. It doesn't mean that because I was an actress I got over being an introvert. Acting is something different from getting up in front of people over and over again in so many counties. Speaking is something that is terribly important. And having to be responsible. You can't just get up and say, "Oh, I'm happy to be here, and I love children. No, that's not enough. It's not even enough to know there has been a flood in Bangladesh and seven thousand people lost their lives. Why the flood? What is their history? Why are they one of the poorest countries of today? How are they going to survive? Are they getting enough help? What are the statistics? What are their problems?"


"It's ironic that it was because of children that I stayed home all these years. Now it is for the sake of the children that I'm traveling all over the world."


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